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With our 25+ years of in-house A/V industry experience, our staff have become experts at providing a wide range of services to our clients.


We have provided consulting services for many clients in many types of situations. Some questions that will help determine if you could benefit from our consulting services include:

  • Do you have an aging fleet of portable or installed A/V equipment?
  • Have you recently merged with another company or consolidated multiple offices?
  • Has the responsibility for maintaining your firm's A/V equipment recently transferred from one department to another, ie. from Facilities Management to I.T.?
  • Are you considering a major shift from an older technology to a new one, ie. from projectors to flat screens or from whiteboards to interactive devices?

These and other similar situations would provide the perfect opportunity to have ASP Solutions in to consult on the best path for you to follow. We take a full inventory of what you have, identify the good and the bad, examine new technologies available, select the best fit for your organization and create a plan for you to implement it.


From boardrooms to classrooms to computer labs to retail stores and public concourses, ASP can design the perfect A/V system for any type of room, building or area. We have designed thousands of systems to function in traditional rooms like corporate meeting rooms and educational classrooms or lecture halls. But we also have experience with more off-the-beaten-path systems including:

  • Outdoor projection of large images onto the walls of buildings
  • In-store retail digital signage that interacts with the customer
  • Holographic displays in public concourses that allow passersby to see the projected image but also see through it at the same time
  • Touch-screen interactive displays allow you to create an iPod-like experience up to 10' across
  • Seamless high-definition video walls where the size of the image is only limited by your imagination

To conclude, if you can dream it - ASP Solutions can design it!


Once ASP has designed your optimal system, we can offer you better pricing on the components than you can find anywhere else. We use newer global purchasing channels our competition does not have access to. This allows us to find you the best price available not just in Canada or North America, but in the world. Here is a brief list of some of the major equipment categories we offer:

  • Display devices (flat screens, projectors, projection screens, etc)
  • Video sources (Blu-Ray, digital media players, HD cameras, etc)
  • Audio devices (amplifiers, speakers, mixers, microphones, etc)
  • Interactive devices (interactive whiteboards, touch screen kiosks, etc)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Cabling
  • Signal processing and switching
  • System control devices (wall plates, touchpanels, processors, etc)
  • Equipment storage and racking

And as a result of our global purchasing network we have access to thousands of other products. If you don't see it - just ask!


ASP has the ability to install practically any type of A/V equipment on the market. Ceiling-mounted projector? Wall-mounted video wall? In-wall or in-ceiling speakers? All no problem. Based on our past experience this is the area where many A/V companies fall down. An efficient and hassle-free A/V installation was a rarity until ASP Solutions arrived. Here is what sets us apart from our competition:

  • Timeliness. Are you getting the "cable company" treatment from your current provider? "We'll be there Wednesday or Thursday sometime between 10am and 3pm". We recognize how valuable your time is and set a specific date and time with you to begin your project.
  • Competency. There is very little that our technicians are not able to install for you but if there is, we'll be up front about it. But you can be assured the rest of your equipment will be installed up to the highest standard. It will be installed correctly, safely and efficiently.
  • Courtesy. Our installers are ambassadors of our company and will treat you, your staff and any other stakeholders they may come into contact with, with the utmost in professionalism and respect. We clean our work site on your premises daily and remove any waste/packaging as well.
  • Integrity. We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty on our installation labour. If it isn't right we will fix it - guaranteed.

We encourage you to try ASP for your next installation project to experience the difference these factors make.


ASP Solutions prides itself on having the newest fleet of rental equipment available in Ontario. We constantly sell off our older equipment to make way for new models. And because the price of new technology is typically less than the old you get the best of both worlds - the newest equipment at the lowest price! We can literally rent any type of A/V product available for any rental term. Whether it's a data projector for 6 months or a 10' video wall for a day, we've got you covered. Our most popular rental items include:

  • Data projectors and screens
  • Flat screens and stands/carts
  • Video walls from 84" - 200+"
  • Digital media players for in-store or public concourse digital signage
  • All-in-one touchscreen Kiosk systems
  • Speakers, mixers and microphones
  • Staging kits and podiums

Our rental pricing is extremely competitive, whether it is a one-off requirement like a special event or a series of 4 tradeshows over the course of a year. Bring us your competitors quote and we will beat it - and you will be getting newer, more technologically up-to-date equipment.


We recognize that when an organization buys a product, just as important as the functionality of the product is the peace of mind it should bring. To that end, we don't just sell equipment but we service it as well. We all know that technology eventually fails and when it does, you don't want to be passed off to another company. You want that one point of contact and that makes dealing with ASP such a reassuring experience. ASP is often able to service a failed component in the field or at our facility. But in the rare instance when it needs to be sent to a third party we will take care of the details so you don't have to.

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Our clients have confirmed that ASP is the easiest-to-do-business-with A/V company in Ontario. Our service offering cannot be matched by our competition.

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