ASP Solutions believes it is in all our best interests to focus on making as minimal an impact as possible on the environment as a result of our business operations. That's why our green philosophy is reflected not only in our day to day operations, but also in the solutions we offer to our clients. While many companies claim to follow green practices, ASP Solutions backs it up. In fact, ASP Solutions is a perfect example of a prototype "eco-friendly" organization. Consider the following:

  • ASP maintains a compact physical footprint at our location in Mississauga. While we do have office and warehouse space there, it is the minimal size that will support our key operations. We partner with our suppliers to create a virtual warehouse where we have more items in stock than we would typically require and employees are encouraged to telecommute from their home offices whenever possible.
  • All of ASP's marketing materials and office supplies are eco-friendly. All of our business cards and marketing material are printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly inks.
  • ASP communicates with our clients so as not to generate undue waste. E-mail and electronic documents are utilized rather than hard paper copies. Do not be surprised when we first meet if we hand you a USB memory drive with all your requested brochures and spec sheets on it.
  • Also, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ASP makes extensive use of video conferencing to eliminate unnecessary travel. It is great to shake hands and meet for the first time in person but subsequent meetings can often be held just as effectively via videoconference. Don't have a videoconferencing system? No problem - all you need is a phone and a computer with an internet connection and we can still exchange informationin real-time with the greatest of ease.

If ASP's conservation efforts in its own operations are significant, consider that we make an ever bigger difference when we recommend the appropriate solution to our customers. Great strides have been made by electronics manufacturers to become more eco-conscious over the past few years. This is especially true in the areas of power consumption, reduction of hazardous materials, reduction of waste and recycling of used components. ASP encourages our clients to support these initiatives whenever possible by recommending products which:

  • Are EnergyStar certified to reduce power consumption

  • Are RoHS compliant to reduce the amount of hazardous materials present in the product

  • Are shipped with a minimum of packaging and which are designed for the longest possible expected operational life - both of these contribute to less waste in our landfills

  • Are composed of some amount of post-consumer recycled materials

Specific examples of the above include recommending:

  • new LED-backlit monitors and TV's, which consume significantly less power than traditional plasma or LCD flat screen displays
  • new LED lamp-based projectors, which do not contain mercury and which last up to 20,000 hours before requiring a lamp change

  • Blu-ray players and digital audio amplifiers that are EnergyStar certified

  • electronic digital signage and wayfinding which can be easily updated via software rather than the replace and dispose cycle of traditional printed materials
  • projection lamps that have been "re-lamped" with a new bulb inside the original plastic housing

Finally, we recognize that while most would agree it is worthwhile to support these eco-friendly products and initiatives, not every organization can afford to spend more money to do so. That is where ASP shines - we take the time to source the best of these products which will actually save you money when analyzing the total cost of ownership.

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