About us

ASP Solutions is an audio visual and digital signage solutions provider in business for over 13 years. We maintain a small footprint and that allows us to be much more dynamic than our competition. We have worked for larger A/V companies and have seen first-hand the struggles our clients had in dealing with them. So why is dealing with a boutique A/V provider important to you? The benefits are many:

Although we are small at our core, we have an extensive network of A/V professionals available to us at any time. These professionals include designers, installers, programmers and technicians. This allows us to confidently support you on any size of installation or event. You get the best of both worlds - high staff competency/availability and low prices!

Why Partner with ASP?

Our clients have confirmed that ASP is the easiest-to-do-business-with A/V company in Ontario. Our service offering cannot be matched by our competition.

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Outstanding Service

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